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Postnatal Doula & Breastfeeding Counselling Service offering guidance on:

Let’s face it: motherhood might be magic, but it isn’t easy. In fact it can be hard to enjoy at all when you’re exhausted and the baby won’t sleep/stop crying/only wants to be in your arms.

Getting used to being a mum can be really tough, and if you’re struggling with breastfeeding, settling your baby or feeling anxious about the whole thing, this can really sap the enjoyment from the experience.

I can help with that.

As a certified Postnatal Doula and a mum of four, I help mums like you everyday who need some extra support while they adjust to motherhood and cope with the challenges of raising a baby. I love watching their confidence grow as they connect with their babies and understand their needs.

The mums I work with gain:

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Here’s what other mums are saying about Mum Friday:

“I was at breaking point when I found Karina – my new baby boy was  unsettled, not sleeping and was not feeding well at all. I was so overwhelmed with becoming a new Mummy and was desperate for some guidance and most of all someone I could turn to for advice without feeling judged. Karina was a listening ear and such an amazing support at any time of the day. I could call or message Karina when I needed to either vent or ask for advice and she was always so supportive and offered suggestions as to how we could get my little boy and I into a groove together.”  Bethany

“My favourite part of the Mum Friday service was how supportive and available Karina was – she was always happy to answer any questions I had by phone or text, and touched base with me daily during the two weeks I was struggling the most.”  Nicole

“Karina was a life-saver for me. I was feeling overwhelmed following the birth of my second baby and Karina gave me reassurance that what I was feeling was normal and some coping strategies to survive. She saved my sanity!” Christy

“I thoroughly enjoyed my meetings with Karina. She listened graciously to my racing thoughts & worries & made sense of the internal chaos & sleep deprived fog by helping me make concrete steps forward. I also really enjoyed how sweet & caring she was with my children.” Ali