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Got a baby on the way…or just had one?

Or maybe you’re a little further down the parenting road…and finding kid-wrangling tough?

You deserve an AMAZING parenting experience – the one you’ve always dreamed of.

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As your parenting coach I’m here to support you in whatever parenting stage you’re at.

Babyhood Bliss…

If you’re expecting a baby, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind…

Maybe you’re worried about making breastfeeding work for you…or that you’ll be out of your depth trying to soothe your crying baby.

Maybe you’re completely confused from all the conflicting advice…and just want to enjoy getting to know your baby – after all, you’ve waited a long time to become a mum.

I get it.

You should be able to enjoy your baby and the time it takes to find your motherhood feet.

It’s my job to give you the best possible motherhood experience.

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Sleep Sanity…

My gentle, no-stress sleep programs give you more than a formula for sleep success – they offer you a parenting philosophy.

There’s no such thing as a one-size fits-all sleep program, because babies are unique and have their own individual needs.

Plus, they’re designed to be terrible sleepers!

My Sleep MAGIC online programs will walk you through typical sleep behaviour for your little person and guide you through the behaviours you can work on and improve, and how to cope with the others.

Unfortunately, many sleep programs, books and experts encourage you to ignore your baby’s needs and insist on sleeping according to a rigid routine. For most babies, trying to enforce this, simply ends in tears for everyone and a lot more stress.

Sleep MAGIC will show you the gentle, no-stress, no-tears way to encourage better sleep for everyone in the house.

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Parenting Magic…

If you’ve got toddlers, preschoolers or primary school aged children at home, you’ve probably figured out by now that raising kids gets harder, not easier, as they grow!

Not only are your nights still likely to be interrupted, but now you have big and mighty emotions of little people to contend with, and along with those come meltdowns, tantrums, boundary testing, aggression and more.

Want to know all my secrets to managing those big behaviours?

As a registered facilitator of the Circle of Security Parenting and Tuning Into Kids programs, and an accredited parenting educator, I have pulled together the very best resources and evidence-based research to make some amazing parenting coaching packages for you…

And I promise you, they’ll change your parenting world.

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Here’s what other mums are saying about Mum Friday:

“I was at breaking point when I found Karina – my new baby boy was  unsettled, not sleeping and was not feeding well at all. I was so overwhelmed with becoming a new Mummy and was desperate for some guidance and most of all someone I could turn to for advice without feeling judged. Karina was a listening ear and such an amazing support at any time of the day. I could call or message Karina when I needed to either vent or ask for advice and she was always so supportive and offered suggestions as to how we could get my little boy and I into a groove together.”  Bethany

“My favourite part of the Mum Friday service was how supportive and available Karina was – she was always happy to answer any questions I had by phone or text, and touched base with me daily during the two weeks I was struggling the most.”  Nicole

“Karina was a life-saver for me. I was feeling overwhelmed following the birth of my second baby and she gave me reassurance that what I was feeling was normal and some coping strategies to survive. She saved my sanity!” Christy

“I thoroughly enjoyed my meetings with Karina. She listened graciously to my racing thoughts & worries & made sense of the internal chaos & sleep deprived fog by helping me make concrete steps forward. I also really enjoyed how sweet & caring she was with my children.” Ali

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