8 Wonderful Ways A Postnatal Doula Will Save Your Sanity When Baby Arrives

Ever heard of a postnatal doula?

If you’re expecting, or have a newborn, you really need to know about these special people – who can make your motherhood experience AMAZING. 

Just as a birth doula provides emotional support to women before and during the birth, a postnatal doula helps women on the other side of birth – when baby arrives, which for many new mums, can be a pretty rude shock.

Not only are you recovering from the birth, dealing with wild hormone fluctuations and massive exhaustion, but on top of this, you have a tiny baby to care for … that’s some pretty overwhelming stuff.

postnatal doula can help new mums

The good news is, a postnatal doula can help with all of the above. Her goal is to help you transition to motherhood, enjoy your baby and handle all the challenges that come your way.

Ultimately, a postnatal doula can keep you sane during a crazy, albeit amazing time in your life.

Here are 8 different ways she can do that:

  1. She can help you deal with the birth

If your birth didn’t go as planned or was more intense than you expected, a postnatal doula can help you work through any leftover feelings about it. Too often, mums are expected to be grateful for a healthy baby and to just get on with things, but feelings of disappointment or regret can impact negatively on your adjustment to motherhood.

By helping you work through any unresolved feelings, a postnatal doula can help you move on and embrace your new journey.

  1. She supports your breastfeeding goals

A good postnatal doula will work with you to achieve your breastfeeding goals, without pressuring you or judging your decisions. Most have been trained in general lactation and understand the mechanics of breastfeeding, as well as the issues that can get in the way of it.

As well as this, a postnatal doula can support you with the emotional side of breastfeeding, for when things aren’t going as well as you hoped.

  1. She gets babies

Not only is she likely to have kids herself, but a postnatal doula is trained in all aspects of newborn care and is there to help guide you and build your confidence.

She will help you understand the needs of your new baby as well as how to respond to them, and can also give you strategies for coping when your baby is unsettled or crying. With her support, you’ll soon be tending to your baby’s needs like a mummy-boss.

  1. She’s interested in YOU

A postnatal doula isn’t there to check your baby’s development or give you medical advice – although she can certainly point you in the right direction if this is necessary. Rather than focussing on how your baby is travelling, her concern is for YOU, and how you’re adjusting to having a baby.

This means that your wellbeing is a top priority – so physically, mentally and emotionally, she’s all over you. Which is kind of indulgent when you think about it, because new babies tend to get all of the care and attention, when it’s mum that needs it most of all.


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  1. She can support your whole family 

As well as supporting you, a postnatal doula can help your whole family adjust to the new addition – because everyone is impacted when a baby arrives. So if you have other children to look after, or a toddler who is struggling with the change, or even if your partner is having some trouble coping, a postnatal doula can step in.

A good postnatal doula is up to speed with community resources, so if you need to be referred somewhere specific, she can get the ball rolling.

  1. She will support your parenting philosophy

A postnatal doula isn’t there to tell you how to parent or to judge you for your parenting decisions. She understands that parents have different beliefs and philosophies about how they want to raise their baby – and will support your position, only offering additional information if you request it.

Although if there is a safety issue present – for example with co-sleeping –  she will let you know, making sure you have all the information you need to keep your baby safe.

  1. She can help with the household

A postnatal doula wants everything to run smoothly for you when you have a baby, so many will offer to help you with household chores including changing bed sheets and getting your meals ready.

Get in touch with her before baby arrives to find out what her service covers and how she can best help you.

  1. She wants you to get the magic

Postnatal doulas are all about giving you the best motherhood experience possible. As wonderful and amazing it is when a new baby arrives, we know how tough those early days can be. A postnatal doula can help reduce the overwhelm and exhaustion so you can get on with enjoying your baby.

Our job is all about connecting you with more of the magic moments and less of the stressful ones.

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