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Karina Lane, founder of Mum Friday


“Get your sleep in now, before baby arrives.”

“Here’s a baby sleep book.”

“Routine is everything.”

“It’s all about self-settling – do it from the start.”

“NEVER feed your baby to sleep.”

Ugh. The parenting advice out there has a lot to answer for.

See, none of these nuggets of wisdom are going to help you in early motherhood – and yet you’ve heard at least half of them already, right?

The problem with main stream (and anecdotal) advice is that it’s geared towards a generic, textbook baby. Not only this, but it doesn’t take into account your newborn’s emotional needs – or yours for that matter! This is why mainstream advice doesn’t work for the majority of babies – instead of making your new mum experience amazing and magic, you end up with stress and well as an unsettled baby 🙁

As a postnatal and early parenting coach, Karina is changing the story for new mums and dads who are overwhelmed with too much information and trying to apply inadequate advice to their unique baby. Your early parenting experience shouldn’t be full of stress and confusion -this time is too precious to waste feeling out-of-your depth.

Newborns deserve respect

Karina believes newborns need to be treated with respect and compassion. Mainstream advice found in baby books, websites and passed on from many health professionals encourages parents to change their baby’s behaviour, instead of following their baby’s lead.

After working with countless new mums and dads (and raising four babies of her own), Karina knows how much easier parenting can be when parents choose to understand their baby’s world and follow their lead. Magic happens. There’s less stress, less pressure, and more chances to fall in love with your baby.

After all, this is where their first attachment takes place – with you. If you’re able to respond confidently to your baby’s needs, this is going to make sure that bond between you is strong, magical and life-long.

Google doesn’t have kids 😉

The internet is great, but ask it anything about pregnancy and parenting, and you’ll get a gazillion different answers, only a handful of which come from a reputable, reliable source. And those ones will be conflicting and confusing! The thing to remember about the internet is that it doesn’t know you, your baby or your unique circumstances.

Plus, Google doesn’t even have kids, so is it really qualified to give you the right guidance when it comes to your baby?

As a parenting educator with Royal North Shore Hospital, and member of CAPEA (Childbirth And Parenting Educators of Australia), Karina ensures that her guidance is up-to-date and evidenced-based – and most importantly, makes life easier for new parents. Getting to know your baby is too special and important a time to be bothering with anything less.

Dads count too

It’s not just mums that benefit from Karina’s expertise. Having worked with over 1000 men, she understands the emotional needs of new dads and the importance of early bonding and connection with their baby. She believes that dads have a crucial role to play in bringing home baby, and that both parents can still work as a team and stay connected despite the gruelling nature of early parenthood.

While many dads and partners can feel pushed aside in early parenting, as mum and baby breastfeed and spend a lot of time together, Karina shows dads how they can bond meaningfully with their infant and be more involved with babycare from the beginning – no boobs required!

Motherhood should be magic

Parenting is a magical time, but these days, so many things can get in the way of new mums enjoying their experience: social media, information overload and judgmental opinions can really throw things off course. This stress, together with lack of support and other challenges such as a breastfeeding struggles and a unsettled baby can make early motherhood unbearable for many mums, who then miss out on the magic side of it all.

This is not okay.

Motherhood is tough, yes, but with the right support and guidance, mums can still enjoy plenty of magic. With a background in psychology and welfare, and trained in perinatal mental health, Karina gets the emotional side of parenthood – and knows the importance of staying sane against all the chaos and sleep deprivation that comes with early parenthood. By sharing simple strategies and techniques for surviving life in the fourth trimester, Karina is helping new mums, are start their motherhood journey feeling confident, assured and resilient.

Gentle parenting is the way forward

When it comes to parenting, Karina believes in gentle, responsive parenting, that respects the needs of the baby along with those of the family. She is a registered facilitator of the Circle of Security parenting program that emphasises the emotional needs of babies and children and how parents can best meet them. When it comes to fostering a baby’s emotional development and security, Karina believes in the power of love and physical comfort, which means she’ll never tell parents that they’re spoiling their baby by cuddling them too much.

As a parenting educator, she also facilitates Early Parenting workshops at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney and is a trained facilitator of the Tuning Into Kids program.  She comes from a strong background in group facilitation and relishes the chance to connect with other mums and dads to talk ‘parenthood.’ She also facilitates regular ‘Ready Set Parenthood‘ workshops in various private settings throughout Sydney.

A recognised thought-leader

Karina has always been an avid writer and her first parenting blog, The Laney Files, made the Kidspot Voices of 2015 finalists. She is a recognised thought leader in the parenting industry and has been published on Babyology, Essential Baby, Kidspot and the Practical Parenting and Sunday Life magazines.

Karina wants all parents to know how much easier life can be with a baby when society’s noise is tuned out and mums and dads can tune into their parenting instincts.  She loves to support new parents with her passionate yet realistic attitude to motherhood that, while being based on sound research findings, is also cemented by her real-life experience.

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