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Karina Lane, founder of Mum Friday

Mum Friday

Karina Lane’s favourite topic is motherhood, and she could honestly talk about it all day.

She is the founder of Mum Friday and a certified postnatal doula, which means she helps mums transition to motherhood by providing expert support and guidance with breastfeeding, sleep and settling, confidence building and perinatal wellbeing.

Being a mum of four (including twins) she is especially passionate about supporting new mums who feel overwhelmed and stressed out, because she has been there herself. She has a background in psychology and welfare, and is trained in perinatal mental health, so she gets what mums are going through emotionally and can offer the right support.

Karina is all about the magic of motherhood – she believes that amidst all the madness and chaos of parenting there are those perfect mothering moments, when everything makes perfect sense, and you feel like you could burst with love. She wishes for all mothers to have more of this magic and less of the stress and frustration that can come with having a baby.

But these days, so many things can get in the way of new mums enjoying their experience: social media, information overload and judgmental opinions can really throw things off course. This stress, together with lack of support and other challenges such as a breastfeeding struggles and a unsettled baby can make early motherhood unbearable for many mums, who then miss out on the magic side of it all.

This is not okay. Karina is dedicated to changing the story for new mums so they can start their motherhood journey feeling confident, assured and resilient.

When it comes to parenting, Karina believes in gentle, responsive parenting, that respects the needs of the baby along with those of the family. She is a registered facilitator of the Circle of Security parenting program that emphasises the emotional needs of babies and children and how parents can best meet them. When it comes to fostering a baby’s emotional development and security, Karina believes in the power of love and physical comfort, which means she’ll never tell parents that they’re spoiling their baby by cuddling them too much.

As a parenting educator, she also facilitates Early Parenting workshops and the Tuning Into Kids program.  She comes from a strong background in group facilitation and relishes the chance to connect with other mums and dads to talk ‘parenthood.’

Karina has always been an avid writer and her first parenting blog, The Laney Files, made the Kidspot Voices of 2015 finalists. She is a recognised thought leader in the parenting industry and has been published on Essential Baby, Kidspot and the Practical Parenting and Sunday Life magazines. She is currently a weekly writer for the Babyology website.

These days, Karina can be found juggling her Mum Friday clients with a part-time writing career and a very full-time gig parenting her four children. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to help other mums, and loves to support new parents with her passionate yet realistic attitude to motherhood that, while being based on sound research findings, is also cemented by her real-life experience.

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