Mum Friday Consultations

A nod to the old-school and ever-versatile Girl Friday, Mum Friday is your go-to woman for everything motherhood. From dealing with parenting overwhelm to managing a sleep issue, I can help.

Wherever possible,  consultations with me will take place in the privacy of your home. Areas currently serviced in person include the Sydney North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs. If distance or coming up with a mutually convenient appointment is an issue, I also offer several support options via distance.

Not sure if I can help you? Get in touch for your free, private phone consult to discuss your situation and get to know more about my service.

To book in a time for me to call you, simply select a suitable day and time here and I’ll lock it in. 


All consultations include (as needed):



* Prenatal Consult (1.5 hr $97)

An intensive information session in your home to cover everything you need to know about preparing for and bringing home your baby.

Includes: baby ‘must-haves’ (vs the ‘don’t-needs’!), nursery setup, general baby care (settling, sleep, bathing, nappy changing, dressing), what to expect in the first few days/weeks, setting up adequate support, access to resources etc

* New Mum Consult  (1.5 hr $97)

This comprehensive session supports mum’s transition to motherhood by providing non-judgemental support to increase confidence, comfort and wellbeing.

Includes: recovery from birth/birth debrief, breastfeeding support, sleep and settling guidance, assistance with general baby care, confidence building, health & wellbeing care, partner support.

Also includes complimentary access to the New Mum Survival Kit (usually $27)

* Breastfeeding Consult (1.5 hr $97)

All the support you need to get you off to the very best start possible with feeding your baby. This sensitive and non-judgemental consult will help you establish your milk supply, ascertain latch and positioning and troubleshoot any challenges along the way.

Includes complimentary access to the Breastfeeding Survival Kit (usually $27)



* New Mum Survival Kit  ($27)

Email support, videos, streamlined information and downloads that provide the new baby essentials to help mum navigate the early days of motherhood without the information overload. Perfect for mums-to-be and brand new mums who want their motherhood without the fluff, judgement and overwhelm, as well as for those mums without family nearby.  Purchase and get started right away, day or night.

(The New Mum Survival Kit is included free of charge when you purchase the New Mum Consult)

* Breastfeeding Survival Kit ($27)

Email support, videos, content and printable downloads to help you get off to the best start with breastfeeding. This Kit covers everything from mentally preparing for breastfeeding to maintaining milk supply, to troubleshooting feeding difficulties. Suited for mums-to-be who are hoping to breastfeed, as well as new mums who are struggling with breastfeeding realities, this Kit contains an abundance of breastfeeding support plus printable worksheets for you to complete to help you focus on your breastfeeding goals and formulating a plan to reach them.

(The Breastfeeding Survival Kit is included free of charge when you purchase the Breastfeeding Consult)


Sounding good so far? Why not get in touch right now? We can get started straight away.

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