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Hello Motherhood is different from all the baby books.

There’s a LOT of advice out there for new parents. Baby books, websites, online groups. But there’s a few problems with these.

The first is that a lot of advice you find on websites and in the baby books is generic –  it’s designed for  a textbook baby who toes the line and does what the average baby does. Now if that fits your baby, great!

Unfortunately, it misses the mark with a lot of babies, and this leaves mums really frustrated and confused because their newborn is behaving differently to the one they’re reading about. And there’s no one to ask questions about it – the writer isn’t there in the room with you to help you understand what might be going on with your crying, unsettled or sleepless baby.

Babies come with individual needs

The thing to keep in mind with mainstream advice out there is that it doesn’t take into account the emotional needs of babies (or mums for that matter!). All babies are born with different temperaments, personalities and emotional needs – some need more comfort than others, some are more sensitive, for example. These individual characteristics are rarely covered by mainstream baby advice found on websites and in baby books.

The other problem with all the free advice out there is a little thing I like to call Information Overload – that’s when TOO much advice and conflicting information just does your head in – and still doesn’t answer your questions!

You’ve been there, right??

This is about you, lady 🙂

Parenting manuals and baby books focus on baby’s development, but what about YOU? Becoming a mother a is huge, momentous occasion, but too often, mums miss out on the attention and care.

Hello Motherhood is focused on YOU as well as your baby. Your membership comes with private 1-1 Magic Mum Coaching, where I help you work towards becoming the confident, resilient mum you want to be. Together we’ll work through the motherhood challenges you come up against, and strategies for enjoying life with your baby more every day. I am your coach, mentor and confidant – and I’m here to make your motherhood experience the BEST it can be.

new mum support

Hello Motherhood is a new mum’s best friend…

It won’t bog you down with medical jargon and overload you with information that you don’t really need. I’ve streamlined everything you need to know so you NEVER have to deal with too much advice or conflicting ideas.  As a parenting educator and member of CAPEA (Childbirth And Parenting Educators of Australia), I’ve heard all the information, and I know what mums and dads really need to know about…in order to survive and THRIVE in early parenthood.

Hello Motherhood (aka The Fourth Trimester Program) is less like an online course and more like an interactive guide to navigating early motherhood. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-follow road map, so you always know where to access the guidance you need.

Here’s what you get when you buy Hello Motherhood:

  1. Immediate access to my six-step signature system for navigating motherhood and skipping the stress and overwhelm that comes with the fourth trimester. Everything you need to know for living your best life with your new baby – and giving your little the one the best possible start
  2. An invitation to join Club Motherhood – your virtual mother’s group, full of ladies just like you, who can’t wait to support you and your baby
  3. Private 1-1 guidance- you get me as your coach, mentor and confidante, holding your hand (virtually!) every step of the way
  4. My Magic Guarantee – if you don’t find motherhood more relaxing, fulfilling and magic with my help, I’ll give you your money back

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This step-by-step program is going to wipe-out new mum stress and streamline your experience so you get maximum joy and magic – and seriously low overwhelm!


Here’s a closer look at what’s inside…


Step #1: Welcome To Motherhood

First things first: let’s get you home from hospital. In this step, I walk you through how you might be feeling after the birth – both physically and mentally. Then it’s time to meet your baby properly and get to know some typical newborn behaviour.

  • Get the basics right from the start – all the guidance you need to understand what the fourth trimester is all about so you go in with your eyes wide open, no nasty surprises!
  •  Recover smoothly from the birth – why it’s okay to say how you really feel after the birth – and how to cope if it didn’t go as planned. I’ll help you work through any leftover negative feelings that can get in the way of bonding with your baby
  •  Discover the physical things your body goes through after the birth. Warning: some of them can be less than pleasant! Let me explain what’s going on with them and how you can best cope.
  •  What your newborn goes through on day two and the best way to get though it. If you’re not ready for this this newborn quirk, things can get *pretty intense* on the maternity ward.
  •   Why you might cry more than your baby  – discover more about this very common but sometimes unsettling period after the birth. I’ll reveal what you need to know about your emotional health and what’s considered ‘normal’ once you’ve had your baby.
  •  The typical baby behaviour you’ll see in the first days and weeks after the birth and how best to respond. These are the behaviours you don’t need to waste time worrying about!
  •  Why it’s not just people you need to have around you – I reveal how to get more support when you don’t have close friends around you.

 Step #2: Master Breastfeeding

Now that you’re home and settled, it’s time to work on feeding your baby. Nearly all women start breastfeeding, but very few continue past three months – because they don’t know everything I’m about to reveal to you. I’ll help you get started and work towards your breastfeeding goals so you can feed your baby the way YOU really want to.

Step #3: Become A Settling Sorceress

Step #3 is where we master your soothing techniques! I’ll tell you all about your newborn’s world and give you a toolkit full of magic settling strategies that will work every time! No need to stress about pacing the floor with an inconsolable baby – I’ll show you what really works for crying babies.

  • The truth about newborns – the little known fact about your newborn and why it explains everything about the way they behave.
  •  How to know exactly what your newborn needs, every time. Watch your new mama confidence skyrocket at your ability to read your baby’s cues intimately
  •  Master the settling tricks for calming your baby. I’ll give you a toolkit of settling techniques that will help you respond easily to your newborn’s noisy protests EVERY TIME.
  •  The baby item must-have that’s worth every penny. If you don’t have this, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to keep your bub happy and settled
  •  The underestimated yet proven technique for keeping your baby chilled and happy – once you’ve got this down pat you’re sorted for years to come.
  •  How to stay cool as a cucumber while your baby cries – even when you’re feeling anything but! I’ll show you some clever tricks that can soothe your baby and calm you down too.
  •  The normal newborn phase that all babies go through and why you don’t need to worry about it. Instead, I’ll explain some nifty strategies for keeping life ticking along (and maintaining your sanity levels!)

Step #4: Get A Handle On Newborn Sleep

In Step #4 I tell you all about newborn sleep realities and the super gentle ways you can encourage the best possible sleep habits in your baby. Avoid the sleep deprivation rut and completely bypass the need for sleep training your newborn – I’m going to give you peace of mind about what newborn sleep is really all about (and why yours is sleeping perfectly!)

  • Discover what newborn sleep is all about so you can hit the ground running and know what to expect from your new baby’s sleep.
  •  Understand the biology behind newborn night-waking. Once you learn this about your baby you’ll instantly feel more at ease with those night-time habits – and more confident in dealing with them!
  •  Implement healthy sleep habits from the start – I’ll show you the gentle approach to better newborn sleep – no crying or sleep training necessary!
  •  Develop the confidence to trust your instincts when it comes to your baby’s sleep so you can resist the pressure to get your baby sleeping a certain way.
  •   Avoid the sleep mistakes that most new parents make, so you don’t end up   with more sleep deprivation than absolutely necessary.
  •   Design a dreamy bedtime ritual that will make your baby love sleep. Miss this   out on this details and your baby will struggle to transition to bedtime.
  •   Discover the sleep aids you can use to help your newborn sleep that won’t   cause bad habits, a rod for your back or a bedtime monster that never adjusts to   their own sleep space
  •  Cope with sleep deprivation like a machine – I’ll share all my tricks for surviving on broken sleep, including some cheeky ways to catch up on rest
  •  Identify the best resources for more support if you and your baby need it. I’ll show you where to get the best help and fast, so you don’t waste time working through options that aren’t right for you.

Step #5: Be A Wellbeing Warrior

Let’s not forget about your needs in all of this. Step #5 is all about staying on top of your wellbeing game – because you can’t look after anyone if you’re not okay! Let me show you some realistic and easy ways you can make yourself a priority and still take care of your needs, even though you’re exhausted.

make a bad day a better one

Step #6: Conquer New Mum Challenges

Now that you’ve got the basics sorted, it’s time to look at the other challenges that come up for a new mum. Who needs the drama? You’ve got a baby to take care of. I’ll show you how to deal with too much advice, a confusing baby book and an overbearing relative. Plus, how to help your partner be an amazing, involved parent, even without breastfeeding.

  • Revealed: the most common motherhood challenges experienced by new mums and how to crush every one of them. Trust me, you’re bound to  come up against every one of these!
  •  The truth about all those baby books and why they might not work for you. Once you understand this core concept, your new mum stress will melt away, guaranteed.
  •  Become a Baby Advice Sleuth and know exactly how to interpret information and apply it to your unique circumstances. I’ll reveal two easy ways to stay sane when you’re wading through all the advice.
  •  Keep on top of your relationship and stay close and united, even when you’re both exhausted and stressed out. Babies have ways of exposing all sorts of cracks in the healthiest of relationships!
  •  Why your partner’s role is super important when your baby comes home (and not just for making you tea!). I’ll explain how your partner can get involved with baby from the beginning in ways that REALLY COUNT.
  •  Your first solo trip out with baby – how to beat the anxiety and enjoy your first outing together, including how to survive that first breastfeed in public (not always easy, unfortunately)
  •  Dealing with your Early Childhood/Maternal Health Centre – what to expect from community support and how to access the help you really need
  •  Got an overbearing relative? Most of us do! I’ll show you how to deal with the those in your life that are hard to take, without stepping on anyone’s toes. There’s tricks for dealing with these people!

Plus…join the Club

When you join Hello Motherhood, you’ll be invited to access my private, members-only Facebook group, Club Motherhood, where I answer your questions and share weekly live content. Connect with other mums (and mums-to-be) who know exactly what you’re going through. Your real life mothers’ group won’t start for 4-6 weeks after the birth – but your virtual support group is ready and waiting – and can’t wait to meet you!


 Private 1-1 Magic Mum Coaching

The mums I work with are Magic Mums – embracing a new way of mothering, based on their personal philosophies and gentle parenting principles. They aren’t interested in outdated or pushy advice and know how to tune out society’s pressure to get their baby to behave a certain way.

Magic Mums are:

Want to be a Magic Mum too?

Tuned into your instincts and closely bonded with your baby…feeling confident and resilient, no matter what motherhood throws at you?

When  you join Hello Motherhood, I’ll be working closely with you to help you become the mum you want to be, whatever that looks like for you.

Each month during the fourth trimester, you’ll be invited to book in a private call with me. Use your call to vent, troubleshoot issues or seek clarity about advice you’re not sure of. Mums are rarely asked how they’re feeling or given the chance to express pent up thoughts or feelings. My job will be to help you tune into your mothering instincts, give you strategies for making life easier and guiding you to become the confident, reassured mum you want to be.

These calls are your chance to take of YOU. No need to book an appointment or leave the house – just schedule your call and I’ll ring you.


Ask me anything…

You also get direct access to my inbox with your membership. You’ll find your Q&A form inside the portal with the rest of your goodies. Submit your question within seconds and I”ll get back to you right away. N.B. you can use your Q&As as soon as your purchase your membership, even if baby hasn’t arrive yet – perfect for asking me those baby-prep questions!


My 30-Day Magic Guarantee

I’m super confident that Hello Motherhood is going to help you overcome new mum stress and enjoy plenty of newborn magic, and I want YOU to feel super confident in your decision…


So I’m offering you 100% security and protection…. in knowing your investment is going to help you enjoy motherhood with less stress.


I call it the 30-Day Magic Guarantee.


And you should know that this applies until 30 days AFTER your baby is born…giving you plenty of time to test out and enjoy the program material and try the techniques out on your baby.


And if you follow my guidance and don’t feel more relaxed, happy and confident in early motherhood? Well, I’ll happily refund you in full.


Yep…I’ll give you your money back – giving you peace of mind that this is both a safe and smart decision.


I’m THAT convinced that I can help you have an amazing motherhood experience. Sound fair?


You can get started right away. Just hit the button below to be taken to the order page. Once everything is done, your program logins will arrive by email and you’ll be granted instant access.


Let the magic begin! I can’t wait to see you inside…



 Got a question about something? No problem! Just email me at karina@mumfriday.com.au and I’ll get back to you asap.

You’ve waited nine long months to meet your precious bundle and you deserve the very best experience. Don’t settle for less.

“Karina went above and beyond to make sure that I was coping and gave me the confidence to try new settling techniques. She also set realistic goals and gave me confidence in my abilities as a first time mum.” Nicole