Based in Sydney, Mum Friday services the  north shore and northern beaches on a face-to-face basis.

Mum Friday offers a variety of services, recognizing that no two mums and their needs are the same. You can see details regarding consultations and fees here.

Postpartum Support

Early motherhood can be tough: not only is it exhausting, but you’re expected to achieve an awful lot without any prior training. You have to survive on broken sleep, figure out how to breastfeed, plus interpret your baby’s cues – which come at you around the clock. As well as this, you have to sift through a stack of advice and figure out how to make it work for you.

Oh, and you’re supposed to shower and feed yourself, right?

If you’re finding it tough, you’re not alone.

Keeping motherhood simple

The Mum Friday service is all about simplifying motherhood and helping new mums really enjoy their journey. I’m committed to supporting mums and their families with great advice and guidance that isn’t confusing or judgemental.

I get that every motherhood journey is unique and you deserve the very best support to enhance and enjoy your experience as well as your connection with your new baby, which sets the groundwork for secure attachment and a strong emotional bond between the two of you.

As a mum of four myself, I get the overwhelm that comes with babies, but I also get the magic that comes with getting to know a new little person.

Things get in the way, naturally. Birth trauma, breastfeeding issues, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety are all things that interfere with enjoying the magic of motherhood. I can help you remove all of that so you can get on with enjoying your experience.

I GET what new mums go through – and I can help YOU

Get Help Now

Don’t feel that you have to struggle through early motherhood on your own. Whether your baby is yet to arrive and you’re worried about how you’ll cope, or your newborn is here and you feel out of your depth, get in touch to find out how I can help you master the challenges of early motherhood.

With a range of comprehensive consult packages and intensive follow-up support, you’ll soon be back on track and enjoying more magic every day.

“After my second baby, I was overwhelmed and felt out of control. Karina was great to talk to and gave me plenty of coping strategies that helped me get back on track. She was reassuring and made me feel sane.” Ali

Mum Friday can help you with: 

You’ve waited nine long months to meet your precious bundle and you deserve the very best experience. Don’t settle for less.

“Karina went above and beyond to make sure that I was coping and gave me the confidence to try new settling techniques. She also set realistic goals and gave me confidence in my abilities as a first time mum.” Nicole 

Book your complementary Motherhood Magic strategy call today and discover how you can enjoy your newborn without the overwhelm – starting now.

Private early parenting coaching

Private coaching sessions in the comfort your home to help you understand your child’s behaviour and build a stronger relationship between you.

Using the world-renowned Circle of Security© Parenting Program, I will help you discover the reasons behind your child’s behaviour and how to handle emotional meltdowns and tantrums without breaking a sweat:

This program runs for four* sessions of 1.5-2 hrs each. By the end of the program you will enjoy more happiness and fulfillment as a parent and a closer relationship with your child/ren, as well as a better understanding of their behaviour and emotional needs.  Giving you a stronger connection with your child, this program will guide your parenting all the way into the teenage years.

Run in the privacy of your home, I give you 100% focus so you can get the very best of the program and enjoy results from the first session. No hassle finding a program to attend and sharing the room with other parents – this one is all yours, and probably the best investment you’ll ever make when it comes to motherhood.

*Program package includes a bonus follow-up consult 6 weeks after completing the program.

Book your complementary Motherhood Magic strategy call today and discover how you can start enjoying more of the magic – and less of the stress – right away.