Below are some common questions I get about the Mum Friday service. If your question isn’t answered on this page, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

Is Mum Friday for me?

Yes – if you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out as a mum, Mum Friday can help. It is completely normal to feel out of your depth during motherhood. Most of us do at some point. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot of enjoyment away from what should be a beautiful experience. I can help you by easing the stressful side of motherhood with practical, caring support and guidance – so you can get back to enjoying the magic.

Why the name ‘Mum Friday’?

Mum Friday is a play on the term Man Friday, who was a character in the classic story, Robinson Crusoe, and was Robinson’s side-kick and loyal guide. It’s also a nod to the 1960’s term Girl Friday, which refers to a female go-to and trusted assistant. Mum Friday is a combination of all these character traits, designed to meet the needs of mums and their families.

Are you a nurse?

I am not a nurse or midwife, and will not offer medical advice to you. As a Postnatal Doula, my role is to focus on your transition to motherhood and assist in whatever way makes this more manageable and enjoyable.  If you’ve just had a baby, you probably have lots of access to health professionals, such as doctors, midwives and childhood health nurses. These wonderful people are especially trained to make sure your baby is developing well. At Mum Friday, my emphasis is on taking care of you and your wellbeing, so you can do a great job and enjoy the parenting ride.

What’s a Postnatal Doula?

Great question – and one I get asked a lot! A Postnatal Doula (or Postpartum Doula) is someone trained to look after mums and their families after a new baby arrives. The role is a varied one, but can involve assisting, educating, guiding and empowering mums as they transition to motherhood and get used to caring for their baby. This could involve help with breastfeeding, sleep and settling, general baby care, confidence building and emotional support following the birth. For a detailed description of how a Postnatal Doula can help you, check out this great article. 

How is your service different to others?

Mum Friday operates differently to other private consultancy services for mums and their families. As a Postnatal Doula, my focus is on you and how you’re travelling, rather than the development of your baby.  This means my my biggest concern is your wellbeing as a mother and how to help you best cope with the demands of motherhood. Along the way I can help you with everything baby-related to increase your confidence and empower you to be the fabulous mother you already are. The other thing that makes me different is that I have young kids myself, which means I really do get what you’re going through. I know how hard it is to be a mum in today’s climate. The Mum Friday service is uniquely designed to meet your varying needs as a mum, and your personalised action plan will reflect all of these.  This means that whatever is going on for you as a mum, we will address it, and this will be reflected in your personalised Mum Friday Action Plan.

What if you can’t help me?

Mum Friday is an excellent first port of call if you’re finding motherhood a challenging, or if you lack family support and could do with some assistance. I can help you with a wide range of issues including your emotional wellbeing, settling techniques and help with sleep and routine for your baby, as well as support for other members in your family. There is a high possibility that together we can work through most problems using a strategic support plan with plenty of follow-up. However, because Mum Friday considers your wellbeing a priority, I will suggest other services if I think these could better meet your needs. This process will always be discussed with you prior to making any referrals, which will only be made with your full consent.

Do you have a ‘Working with Children’ check?

I take working with babies and children very seriously. As such, I have an up-to-date ‘Working with Children’ check as well as current first aid knowledge and skills.

Questions all answered? Great! Why not give me a call today and we discuss where to from here?

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