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Mum Friday offers a range of programs to get you all the way from bump to baby intact. Whether you need help preparing for baby’s arrival, want to enjoy the early months of motherhood or are looking for some gentle solutions to baby sleep, Mum Friday has you covered.

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All Mum Friday programs come with:

You’ve got enough going on just dealing with pregnancy aches and pains and carting yourself around to all those appointments.  Let me help you with the rest.  I’ve collated all the material I use in my parenting workshops, and have laid it all out with step-by-step guidance, cheat sheets and templates for you to use, so you can effortlessly prepare for meeting your baby – in the comfort of your home, with your partner by your side.


The Countdown To Baby Kit has got you covered for everything baby-prep…no sweat required.


* Please note, you receive the Countdown To Baby Kit for FREE when you purchase Hello Motherhood. 


The ultimate new mum program, Hello Motherhood (aka The Fourth Trimester Program) is less like an online course and more like an interactive guide to navigating early motherhood. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-follow road map, so you always know where to access the guidance you need. Enjoy immediate access to my six-step signature system for navigating motherhood and skipping the stress and overwhelm that comes with the fourth trimester.

 Access 24/7 guidance and support when you begin the most meaningful journey of your life


Read more about Hello Motherhood here.

Sleep Magic will take the stress out of baby sleep and get you back to enjoying life with your bub. Other sleep programs advise a rigid routine and encourage sleep techniques that your new baby simply isn’t ready for. Newborns aren’t biologically ready to master self-settling and they’re not time-based – which means rigid feeding and sleeping routines are wasted on them (and likely to cause a LOT of untold stress for both of you).

Sleep Magic is designed with mums AND babies in mind. 


Discover the loving, gentle approach to better sleep: no harsh techniques that go against your baby’s emotional needs…Just simple, no-stress strategies for getting more rest and enjoying time with your baby.


 Read more about  Sleep MAGIC for babies 0-3 months here

Getting your baby to sleep better doesn’t have to be stressful and emotional.
There are easier ways to improve things.  You can get your baby down for sleep easier…keep your baby happy and content for longer…and even catch up on some rest yourself.


Can you imagine life with your baby…MINUS the exhausted tears?  Sleep MAGIC will show you how to make that happen.


  • Develop your own personalised Ultimate Sleep Magic Plan to keep you on track
  • ​Increase your confidence and happiness – and ditch the sleep stress and second-guessing
  • Deepen the bond with your baby and enjoy awake time together
  • ​Understand your baby’s sleep behaviour and work with it to create longer-lasting sleep
  • ​Enjoy longer stretches of good quality sleep overnight – for everyone in the house
  • ​Put your baby to bed each evening and enjoy time with your partner

Read more about Sleep MAGIC for babies 3-12 months here. 

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You’ve waited nine long months to meet your precious bundle and you deserve the very best experience. Don’t settle for less.

“Karina went above and beyond to make sure that I was coping and gave me the confidence to try new settling techniques. She also set realistic goals and gave me confidence in my abilities as a first time mum.” Nicole