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Parent coaching packages come with 1-1 sessions, which can take place via phone or Zoom (video call). Alternatively, in-person coaching can be arranged if this is preferred.


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New parent coaching & support

Got a baby due…and don’t have a lot of support nearby? Or maybe you have a c-section planned and know you’ll need some extra support when bub arrives. Or maybe you just want to get off to the best start when you bring your baby home, and want expert support with breastfeeding, settling your baby and responding confidently to baby’s cues.

Or has your baby already arrived…and you’re finding it much tougher than you expected? Perhaps the birth was not what you planned and breastfeeding has been hard. Your baby is unsettled and hard to soothe. The conflicting advice is doing your head in, and you’d like someone to swoop in and make everything much, much easier for you…

Either way, I can help you.

As a parenting educator with the Royal North Shore Hospital Health education team, and a certified postnatal doula (and with four children of my own!), I can take your motherhood experience from overwhelmed and anxious to confident and magic.

As a certified postnatal doula, I can help you adjust to life with your newborn baby. My role is to offer you non-biased guidance, evidence-based information and emotional support while you find your motherhood feet.

Additionally, as a parenting educator for Royal North Shore Hospital, I can help you make sense of the baby advice you receive and ease the information overload you might be getting as a brand new mum.

While a lot of health professionals you’ll meet will be interested in baby’s growth and development, I’m more interested in YOU.

With a background in welfare and psychology, and a thorough understanding of perinatal depression and anxiety, I can debrief the harder parts of motherhood with you – and the complex emotions that can come up for new parents.

Here are some things I can help you with once your baby arrives:

New baby guidance:

Emotional Support:

Cost: $247 per 3-hour block.

Think this might suit you? Hit the pink button at the bottom of this screen (‘Let’s Talk Motherhood’) to book in a call with me. Don’t worry, you won’t be under any pressure to sign-up or book me in. This is your chance to learn more about what I do, ask questions and make sure I’m a good fit for you and your family.

Parent Coaching (for parents of children aged 2-12 yrs)

Do you ever :

…then my parent coaching approach could be of great value to you and your family.

My parenting philosophy is based on enhancing connection and the relationship between parent and child in order to bring about improved behaviour and greater parenting wellbeing.

By focussing on connection and managing your child’s feelings, it’s possible to manage challenging behaviour, support your child’s emotion health, and make parenting life easier.

As a registered facilitator of the Circle of Security Parenting and Tuning Into Kids programs, I use the very best resources and evidenced-based research to make my work with you a game-changer for parenting.

Using my step-by-step system, I’ll walk you through the process to becoming closer to your child/ren, gaining control over misbehaviour and enjoying family life a whole lot more.

Here is a fraction of what we can cover together:

All coaching programs are based on my online program, The Connection Project. Choose from three levels of coaching, depending on your needs.

Parenting Mojo –  $197

Need a little parenting pick-me-up? This bite-sized package is just right for you if you’re in a funk and finding it hard to bounce back. Upon purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to The Connection Project, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room. Start implementing my strategies right away for more calm in your household, and more parenting mojo for you! This package comes with three fortnightly Facebook live sessions, which you can access from my exclusive members’ only community. Use them to ask questions, connect with other parents and gain further insights.

Parenting Bliss –  $297

Need a little accountability, and perhaps a listening ear? The Parenting Bliss package offers the same benefits as above, only with someone in your corner to help you apply your learning. You’ll receive immediate access to The Connection Project, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room. Start implementing my strategies right away for more calm in your household, and more parenting bliss for you! While this package comes with three fortnightly Facebook live sessions, you’ll also join me in a private video or phone call, where we can look at everything that’s going on for you, and I can tailor my guidance specifically for your story. Also included is a follow up email, where you can ask me any further questions and I reply with one response outlining my answers.

Parenting Magic – $497

Maybe you need to dive a little deeper? The Parenting Magic package offers that little bit more support and is perfect if there’s some big issues going on or you’d like to work on some personal issues that are impacting parenting. You’ll receive immediate access to The Connection Project, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room, and start implementing my strategies right away for positive results in your household. THe three calls with this package must take place within six weeks and are ideally suited to the beginning, middle and end of this period. Along the way, you’ll be able to consult with me via email each week to iron out problems and hiccups while you work your way through your personalised program.


As a certified postnatal doula and experienced parenting educator with RNSH (and a member of CAPEA – Childbirth And Parenting Educators Of Australia), I can help you with many areas of early parenting. You can add any of these services to one of the packages above or simply pick one of these as a stand along service.

Ready Set Baby ($197): A 3-hour pre-baby session for you and your partner to help you prepare your home,  life and relationship for your new little person. I’ll advise you on setting up your home, what to buuy for baby, and talk you through what the early days and weeks will be like with your newborn. We’ll also discuss early breastfeeding, getting off to the best start with sleep and practice wrapping and settling techniques.

The Motherhood Booster ($127): A 2-hour support session in your home to help you with feeding, settling or any other early motherhood challenges. Boost your confidence and get some well-deserved reassurance – as well as some priceless techniques for keeping your new baby happy and content. Comes with SMS follow-up support.

Evening Support (5pm-10pm $247): I know the evenings can be the hardest for mum. Also known as the ‘witching hour’, this is when your baby wants extra feeds and is often difficult to settle – it’s also the time of day you’re most exhausted! I can come and settle your baby between feeds so you can rest, and help you set up an evening ritual so your baby looks forward to sleep.

Overnight Support (10pm-6am $347): I will come to your home and help you with your baby throughout the night so you can get some sleep. If your baby is breastfed, I will bring your baby to you and settle baby back to sleep right after the feed. If your baby is bottle fed, I will prepare and feed your baby, without disturbing you. Treat yourself to a full night’s sleep, knowing your baby is being cared for with love throughout the night.

Book in a call to chat today – no pressure, no obligation: just your opportunity to find out how to make your motherhood experience amazing.

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